Monday, July 1, 2013

Sweet Springs June Volunteer Day a Huge Success!

A BIG thanks to all of you that participated in our Together Green project over the past year and our grand finale in June! We accomplished a tremendous amount together including:

• Removed over an acre of mature invasive weeds, including veldt grass, slender ice plant, African daisy, oxalis and more

• Removed dozens of yards of debris, including broken glass, pipe, tile, electrical wire, sheet metal, road base – you name it – it was there

• Collected, cleaned, bagged and labeled tens of thousands of seeds

• Propagated thousands of plants from seeds & cuttings and nursed them up to 1 gallon container stock

• Designed and installed a 5000 gallon water tank and extensive drip irrigation system to water project area

• Raked up eucalyptus debris and leveled ground surface for planting

• Measured and flagged planting locations for new vegetation

• Placed, planted, mulched and watered over 2500 native plants

• Routinely hand watered wildflower meadow and native trees

• Continued to remove any new weeds that germinated in the project area

• Constructed a rain catcher for the water tank to help conserve water during the wetter months

• Constructed brush pile to provide cover for birds, reptiles and small mammals until shrubs mature

• Monitored success of revegetation through photographs, survival counts and measurements of canopy cover especially those who completed the survey.

We’ve earned a hiatus, so there will be no 2nd Saturday workday in July. Join us again on August 10th to resume our progress on restoring the preserve!