Friday, August 16, 2013

Birds in Your Neighborhood: Headed Back To School...

Birds in Your Neighborhood classroom presentations brings birding to the classrooms and organizations. Currently we are seeking individuals, both beginning and expert birders to visit classrooms getting elementary students excited about the natural world around them through birds! We will familiarize you
with an engaging presentation accompanied by visual aids and educational activities, and will assist you in making contact with local teachers and schools.  The  presentation is aimed towards elementary age students, and is packed with  information, photos, and audio.  In the final final weeks of school last year, we reached nearly 500 students! Join us as this program begins to grow   and  plan to attend the Fall Potluck on September 16th to discover more and meet the newest "feathered" additions to our program...  HINT: The Barn Owl is in the picture is one of them!
 If you are interested in becoming a presenter OR if you're interested in having the program visit your classroom or organization, please contact Lauri Jasprica at or Kaaren Perry at Looking forward to hearing form you!