Friday, August 30, 2013

Volunteers Needed at Sweet Springs, Saturday Sept. 14th

 Bring in the Fall Harvest at Sweet Springs!

We may have a tough time finding a home for our harvest of veldt grass, but its time to pull it nonetheless. There’s no time that isn’t a good time to harvest veldt grass. Even though it appears dead, unlike wild oats, rye, brome and other weedy grasses, veldt grass is a perennial. It will come back from the roots next spring. If we dig them out now, we can prevent that from happening. It will also make it much easier to see new seed sprouts too. 

So come join us at Sweet Springs on Saturday, September 14th from 9am to 12pm to improve habitat for our four legged and two legged friends. We’ll provide plenty of tools, tips & munchies. Bring sunscreen & dress in layers for changing weather. 

For more info, contact the Preserve Manager at 239-3928 or