Monday, October 28, 2013

Jeff Kreps - Sweet Springs November Volunteer Spotlight

Name:  Jeff Kreps

Current residence:  My wife Joy and I decided to make Los Osos our home in May of this year.  We have owned our place here since 2006 so we frequented it when we could.

Volunteer since: I became involved about 3-4 years ago.

What made you decide to start volunteering at Sweet Springs?  Location...location...location.  And the monthly work parties always have a nice group of people to visit with while we work.  Or maybe it is the homemade snacks or fresh picked apples  ;-)

What keeps you coming back?  I initially just showed up at one of the monthly work parties after seeing a notice in the newspaper to try it out and saw the great support for the preserve by the other volunteers.  And over time seeing the continuing dedication to the preserve by Holly and Doug along with the various groups of volunteers shows our time is well spent.

What has been your most memorable experience? I don't have one "stand out" experience.  I have enjoyed seeing the fruits of the collective group's labor over the variety of projects.

Do you have any words of wisdom for first-time volunteers?   Hmmm. Well if you are going to be doing any raking of leaves on the paths...rake up wind!  ;-).  More seriously, I have found each work party well organized, with a variety of tasks that people can choose to pitch in doing whatever they prefer.

What do you do when you're not volunteering?  I retired in 2010 and we still haven't gotten into a routine.  Seems like there is always something new and different to do or see.  We have a small RV and find we are out traveling in it somewhere about 25% of the year counting both our long and short trips. This year we had an unexpected opportunity to spend September as campground hosts in Yellowstone National Park.  Oh, that was considered "volunteer" time as well.