Friday, February 21, 2014

MCAS awards three Volunteer of the Year Awards for 2013!

Jen Moonjian , Travis Belt and Mike Stiles (MCAS president)
Every year, the MCAS Board chooses a “Volunteer of the Year” from among the hundreds of volunteers who donate their time and efforts to advance the MCAS mission. For 2013, the Board chose not one, but THREE recipients to receive the award. Congratulations to these three most worthy members!

Cheryl Lish (not pictured): Cheryl was chosen in grateful recognition of her many years of putting her special talents to use to help MCAS in unique ways. An artist and former MCAS hospitality chair, Cheryl secured grant funding and began the first Central Coast Bluebird Trail at El Chorro Regional Park. Cheryl monitored use of her handmade nest boxes, then trained park staff to continue the monitoring. At home, Cheryl fi lls 12 hummingbird feeders daily, attracting multiple species in summer, a display she has opened to MCAS members for several years. Cheryl also leads yearly MCAS field trips to Oso Flaco State Park, and, along with donating several of her art works to benefit MCAS, Cheryl staffed a booth at the 2014 Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival with the proceeds going to MCAS.

Jen Moonjian (left): Jen was chosen in grateful recognition for her past years serving as MCAS fi eld trip chair and president. Currently serving as MCAS past-president, Jen has actually increased the time she spends on behalf of MCAS. When Jen stepped down as president, she stepped up to the job of assuring that the management plan for MCAS-owned Sweet Springs Nature Preserve was completed and consistent with the MCAS mission. That job is ongoing and has involved numerous hours of her time and efforts. In addition, Jen and her family hosted a “haircutting” party last summer in which Jen donated the substantial profits from cutting her fabulous, thick hair to MCAS.

Travis Belt (center): Travis was chosen in grateful recognition of his current efforts on behalf of MCAS. Currently serving as the MCAS board member at-large, Travis has proved an absolutely invaluable person in the past several months. Travis has donated his time to MCAS to work on the County required Habitat Conservation Plan for Morro Shoulderband Snails (a condition to opening the MCAS-owned east parcel of the Sweet Springs Nature Preserve to the public), as well as helping the lands committee draft the management plan for the MCAS Sweet Springs Nature Preserve. His work behind the scenes is allowing MCAS to move forward without the financial obligations often incurred with the type of work Travis has donated.