Monday, February 2, 2015

Sweet Springs Work Party (Veldt Grass Massacre) - Saturday, Feb. 7th

Greetings Everyone!

I hope you are all doing well in the New Year.  That time is coming up again, and the work party scheduled for next weekend (February 7th) is especially important.  Probably the most important work party this year! 

We have two big tasks this month.  First of all, John Chesnut is graciously bringing a bunch of plants he has grown for us to plant in our Sweet Springs East restoration area, so we want to be able to get them all in the ground, and watered in. 

The second task has to do with our old nemesis… veldt grass.  Unfortunately, as you all know, we badly need rain at the moment.  However, those incredible December rains resulted in the birth of a new generation of veldt grass and Sahara mustard seedlings.  The quantity of veldt grass that is currently coming back in areas previously cleared in East Sweet Springs (including the most recent restoration site) is alarming, and points to the impact of the seed bank being produced and renewed each season by the remaining patches of veldt grass.  Fortunately, the timing is perfect right now, as the plants are still small and easy to pull, and we need to get rid of as much veldt grass as we can before it flowers and sets seeds again this year.  It will be incredibly beneficial to get rid of as much veldt grass as we can.  Removing those seed bank makers now, will significantly reduce our overall efforts towards the goal of veldt grass removal in the long run, AND hasten the on-going restoration of native dune scrub habitat, which, by the way, is going really well… thanks in large part to your amazing dedication.

As if that’s not enough to entice you to join us for a morning of soul satisfying restoration work, Rosalie Valvo will be bringing some of her wonderful home baked goodies for all to share!  Please come join us!

We’ll meet at 9:00am, just inside the entrance to Sweet Springs East, at the corner of 4th Street and Ramona Avenue, and work until noon.  If there are still plants to be planted, I’ll continue working until they are all safely nestled into the earth.  Anyone who wishes to stay and help will have my eternal gratitude!

I hope to see you there!