Friday, April 10, 2015

NAS Board Meeting in Amelia Island, Florida - Highlights by Stephanie Little

Report to Chapter Leaders in the Pacific Flyway - South Region

Stephanie Little, NAS Regional Director
April 2015

This communication is provided as a periodic update for chapter leaders on recent activities on the National Audubon Society Board of Directors in my role as the Pacific Flyway — South Regional Director.

Highlights of the NAS Board Meeting in Amelia Island, Florida: The National Audubon Society Board of Directors Meeting took place in Amelia Island, Florida from February 5 through 8, 2015. Audubon President, David Yarnold, shared highlights of that Board meeting in a recent President’s Report to chapter leaders. His report frames a lasting impression and important message taken from the Board meeting: the power of the Audubon network. We heard the account of how Audubon Florida and the Audubon chapters in Florida, worked together as “One Audubon” to get Florida’s Amendment One on the ballot through an extensive petition effort and then advocate and “get out the vote” in support of the measure. Florida’s Amendment One received a favorable vote from 75% of the voters.

This success by Audubon with other conservation partners in Florida established a $19 billion dollar fund to support conservation work in Florida over the next twenty years. The message is clear; when we mobilize the Audubon network for concerted action we achieve extraordinary results and effect “conservation at scale!” Audubon is providing new tools to support our initiatives. The “new” Audubon Website was unveiled at the meeting that includes significant upgrades and functionality. If you have not already done so, I encourage you to visit the website. During the coming year, the plan is to extend the architecture of the site to state offices and centers. The website is just one of the tools available to chapters leaders. Other tools include Audubon Works, the monthly Audubon Policy Calls, David Yarnold’s periodic President’s Reports, the monthly Chapter Leader communication, and the opportunity to participate in the various chapter gatherings that are scheduled.

National Audubon board membersAudubon Staff
National Audubon board members, Audubon staff, and chapter leaders were treated to a bird walk lead by Julie Wraithmell, Audubon Florida’s Director of Wildlife Conservation. Photos by Hugh Simmons.

Working Across the Flyway: National Audubon’s piping plover work in the Bahamas was just featured on the PBS NewsHour. It is a wonderful story that draws the connection between birds, people, and places. Check out the segment here:

Use Audubon Works! Audubon Works is an important network building tool that will benefit from the expanded participation and use by chapter leaders throughout the network. It provides a means to access training through WebEx support, a forum for individual chapter leaders to request ideas or offer ideas to others in the network. Group Forums exist for Chapters, Advocacy, Bird Friendly Communities, and Climate. A Library of resources exists and continues to grow for individuals across the Audubon network to access. Go to to access Audubon Works.

Council Meetings: Chapter Council Meetings continue to be a great opportunity for collaboration and network building. I encourage chapters to send representatives to these meetings. If I can’t attend the Council Meetings I will try and call or skype in. Check out details for each of the upcoming California council meetings at

Audubon Convention! Get ready for the Audubon Convention in Leesburg, Virginia on July 10, 11, 12, and 13, 2015. At the Amelia Island Board Meeting, members of the National Audubon Board stepped up to make personal contributions to underwrite a scholarship program for the convention. Details on the scholarships, registration and the workshops are forthcoming. Keep posted and check it out at
Convention Site by Lansdowne ResortConvention Site
Photos of the Convention Site provided by Lansdowne Resort.

Upcoming Board Meetings — The next board meeting will be held in Alaska in June. I’ll be in touch again afterward to give you a report on the topics discussed at the meeting. Please feel free to contact me at, if you have any questions.