Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Photo-to-Postcard contest is underway

NOTE: this contest is open to all ages!!

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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

MCAS Photo-to-Postcard Contest Begins!

MCAS is announcing the first annual amateur Photo-to-Postcard Contest!

Amateur photographers who are members of MCAS and have a wildlife/nature photograph that they took in San Luis Obispo County are encouraged to participate.

We have seen so many magnificent photographs from our members, and we want to share this year’s THREE winning photos with the general public--in the form of postcards that will be available for sale at the MCAS Office and at the Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival.

2018 Timeline:

September 1st:  Photo submissions must be received BEFORE this date.

September 7th thru October 31st: The general public and our membership may cast their votes either ONLINE or in the MCAS Office.

Early November: The top three photos and winners will be announced.

Mid-November: The top three photographs selected by votes will be made into postcards and will be available for sale.

Go to MCAS website for more details and contest rules.

Annual June Picnic Potluck and Bird Walk

WHAT: Annual June Picnic Potluck and Bird Walk 
(note: previously scheduled bat walk has been cancelled)
WHEN: Monday, June 18th, beginning at 5 pm

El Chorro Regional Park, Poppy Group Area (near the entrance and across from the ball park). 

5:00-6:15 pm: Join Audrey and Kyle Weichert for a bird walk around El Chorro Regional Park. 

6:15-7:00 pm: The Potluck takes place! Bring your main dish, a side dish to share, and your own reusable table setting, in addition to a picnic tablecloth if you have one. Assorted soft drinks will be provided by MCAS hospitality. The event is open to all at no charge.

The event is open to all at no charge, and all ages are welcome.

Monday, May 28, 2018


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Thursday, May 10, 2018

1950 California Condor Sighting

#16 "Orville"   Hatched: 06/04/2013 in Boise, ID    Released: 10/28/2015 in Big Sur, CA
Both photos, taken by Kaaren Perry on 4/15/2018, are of #16
circling Hollister Peak near Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo County, CA.
1950 California Condor Sighting
by Calvin French (a member of Audubon for over 50 years)

I saw my first condor about 1950 on the western slope of the Santa Lucias, just south of The Grade. My friend and I were riding our horses. He called, "Look at that buzzard on the ground down there." We approached, and instead of taking off, the "buzzard" ran down the hillside about 50 feet before it could get airborne. Both we young teenagers somehow knew about condors, and we yelled exuberantly about seeing one.

It would be about 50 years before I saw another one, actually more than one, on my walk across California, some on the Tejon Ranch and others on Wind Wolves.


#16 at Hollister Peak, Morro Bay, CA

(California condors (Gymnogyps californianus) were listed as endangered under the Federal Endangered Species Act on March 11, 1967. As of Oct 31, 2012, the total condor population was 409 birds [that number has increased since 2012] and 232 of those were in the wild [extracted from].

In 1987, the last wild California Condor was taken into captivity to join the 26 remaining condors in an attempt to bolster the population through a captive breeding program. At that time, it was uncertain whether or not North America's largest flying land bird (by wingspan, 9.5 feet) would ever again soar in the wild [extracted from].

So, in 1950, Cal was viewing one of the last Surviving California Condors in the wild.)