Volunteer Contacts List

Contact the person below for assistance with or information about any of the opportunities listed, or call 805-772-1991.

Christmas Bird Count Bert and Elaine Townsend 805-543-1373 bert@morrocoastaudubon.org
Conservation Issues Doug Tait 805-354-8716 doug@morrocoastaudubon.org
Education Kaaren Perry kaaren@morrocoastaudubon.org
Fall Shorebird Survey Dave Tyra 805-286-7502 dave@morrocoastaudubon.org
Field Trips Jan Surbey 805-772-7273 jan@morrocoastaudubon.org
Hi Mountain Condor Lookout Project Steve Schubert 805-528-6138 steve@morrocoastaudubon.org
Monthly Programs Joanna Iwanicha joanna@morrocoastaudubon.org
Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival Michele Roest
Chris Cameron
Pacific Flyway Newsletter Dave Tyra (interim) 805-286-7502 dave@morrocoastaudubon.org
Sweet Springs Breeding Bird Survey Kaaren Perry kaaren@morrocoastaudubon.org
Sweet Springs Nature Preserve Dave Clendenen dc@morrocoastaudubon.org
Sweet Springs Ambassadors Jan Surbey 805-772-7273 jan@morrocoastaudubon.org
Event Booths MCAS 805-772-1991 info@morrocoastaudubon.org
General Volunteer Opportunities MCAS 805-772-1991 info@morrocoastaudubon.org
Office Kaaren Perry 805-772-1991 kaaren@morrocoastaudubon.org