Carrizo Plain CBC

Photo of Carrizo Plain by Roger Zachary
The 2019 Carrizo Plain CBC will be on Saturday, December 28th. Registration must be submitted by December 14. The Carrizo Plain Christmas Bird Count is on a different day than the Morro Bay CBC, and our local birders are encouraged to participate in both counts.

Registration for the Carrizo Plain CBC is less formal and can be done by contacting Roger Zachary at or 805-458-8838 (cell). HOLD THE PRESSES!!

This past December during the Carrizo Plain CBC Roger notified the participants that he would be resigning as the Compiler for the count after 35 years. He totally enjoyed the coordinating, collecting and editing of the data and then submitting it to the National Audubon CBC website. The best parts for him as a compiler were scouting the area beforehand, meeting the participants on the count date, and then surveying the section for birds. Roger never had problems getting people to participate. He assigned sections to individuals and off they went.

Bell's Sparrow
There are only 12-14 sections to the Carrizo Plain CBC, unlike Morro Coast CBC which has over 50 sections. The species totals ranged from 55-75. Once the count sheets are collected, the compiler reviews numbers, rarities, and unusual birds. The compiler also totals the number of species and individuals, creates a participant list, and records special aspects of the count.

MCAS needs a new Compiler...
in order to continue the collection of Carrizo Plain CBC data that began in 1983. The Carrizo Plain is an Important Bird Area, with diverse species unique from other parts of SLO county. It’s all about the habitat. Many birders visit the Plain to see the wintering species there.

Roger is very willing to help the next Compiler with the 2019 CBC, which will be held on Dec. 28th. He's keeping his fingers crossed for someone to step up and take over. Remember, you don’t have to be an expert birder to do be the Compiler. There’s a lot of help out there from all the great birders who live in SLO county.

To inquire about this great possibility, contact any MCAS board member or Roger Zachary.