MCAS Community Program - NOV 21st - PROTECTING RAPTORS from Unlawful Raptor Take

PROTECTING RAPTORS from Unlawful Raptor Take  

Presented by Mark Jeter, Assistant Chief with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife Law Enforcement Division

Monday, November 21st 7 pm at SLO Botanical Garden Oak Glen Pavilion in El Chorro Park

Assistant Chief Mark Jeter will share his unique expertise and experience of the illegal commercialization of wildlife in California, a black market projected at over $100 million in the 1990s and growing exponentially since that time. Learn about the laws that specifically protect eagles, ospreys, hawks, falcons, kites, owls, vultures, and all other birds of prey, and the prohibition against the taking or possession of their parts such as feathers or talons.

Mark has been with the Department for 25 years: 15 as a Field Warden, 6 years under cover with a Special Operation Unit, and 4 years in management. He is a member of the Department’s Golden Eagle recovery team, has field experience working with Gyrfalcons in Alaska, and is the Law Enforcement Lead for all raptor issues including falconry. He is also a long time Audubon member.

All MCAS programs are free and open to the public and, as always, all ages are welcome. Refreshments will be provided. Please bring your own mug/cup.