The MCAS Board and lands manager, along with representatives from County Planning, Dos Osos Timber Works, and SWCA Environmental Consultants gathered near the entrance to East Sweet Springs last Monday wielding shovels to “break ground” for the upcoming construction of the access improvements needed to open the property to the public. Preliminary work began this week, with the actual construction expected to commence next week.

MCAS continues fundraising efforts for this project, and YOU can help by making a donation of ANY amount. Popular donation choices this year include purchasing a paver ($100 each) or a Sweet Springs Circle of Friends plaque ($500 minimum).

While MCAS envisions continuing to offer engraved pavers each year, in order to accommodate our construction crew, who will be placing the engraved tan pavers at random among the plain gray pavers at the entrance, MCAS needs your paver order by July 24th! Paver orders received after this date will be engraved and placed on the property during the 2018 season.

You may donate, or purchase pavers or plaques online at, or send a check to MCAS, PO Box 1507, Morro Bay, CA 93443. If sending a check, be sure to allow ample time for mail delivery!

Thank you for your support!