MCAS Bird Finding Guides Updated

Interactive GIS maps have been added to the MCAS Bird Finding Guides, with pins that connect 1) to locations in the Bird Finding Guides and 2) to eBird Hotspots. This is combining the best of both worlds: BFG offers local information about SLO County locations and eBird offers a wealth of information about specie sightings in SLO County and beyond. Both offer features that appeal to first-time birders and visitors to SLO County, and to the most avid and experienced birders.

Access the guides (via computer, smart phone, or tablet) from the MCAS website menu: BIRDS-->MCAS Bird Finding Guides.

HISTORY: These guides were initiated in 2007 by Al Schmierer, who first focused on The Carrizo Plain, and then were expanded to the rest of the county with help from Tom Edell, Maggie Smith and Mike Stiles, and with website assistance from Paul Andreano and Joanne Aasen. The guides were added to the current MCAS website in 2013.

In 2020, Cuesta College instructor Feride Schroeder and intern Kasia Crowley, in consultation with Joanne Aasen and Bart Beckman of MCAS, created Interactive GIS Maps linking the local information contained in the guides to corresponding eBird Hotspots. Funding for the Cuesta internship was provided by National Science Foundation ATE Grant #1800779 GIS Technology: Mapping, Data Management and Work-Based Learning Across Industry Sectors. eBird is "...the world's largest biodiversity-related citizen science project... ."

Others who have assisted in this newest edition are: Tom Edell, Jay Carroll, Norman Pillsbury, Kathanne Lynch, Wendy McKeown, and Tom Slater. Map photos were contributed by Tanner Chapman and Bart Beckman.