How to report banded Elegant Terns and WHY that is important

Wikipedia Commons - Kevin Cole, photographer
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As Elegant Terns begin to reappear in our county during Spring/Summer, please be alert to the fact that some of these may be banded. These bands were put on juvenile Elegant Terns as a result of an incident that left hundreds homeless last summer, 2021, in the Long Beach Harbor. This Long Beach nesting tern colony is one of a very few important locations in California for breeding Elegant Terns. Such limited distribution makes the species highly vulnerable and a “Species of Special Concern” in California There is currently a study, conducted by International Bird Rescue, with the hope of monitoring the terns movements as they seek suitable roosting and nesting locations for breeding season 2022 and beyond. See flyer below for additional information just in case you find one or more of these banded terns and are able to assist in the study.