MCAS Field Trip - May 12 - Visit the Beavers with SLO Beaver Brigade

Looking for the Beavers [photo by Hazel Finlayson]


Morro Coast Audubon Society Presents

FIELD TRIP:       Visit the Beavers with SLO Beaver Brigade

DATE:                  Friday, May 12, 2023

TIME:                   9am to 11am

LEADER:            SLO Beaver Brigade

CO-LEADER:     Freddy Howell

Trip is limited to 20 participants for each trip - Signups will be taken for 24 hours. 20 participants will be randomly selected. The remainder will be put on standby status in case of cancellations.

After the winter rains and floods, the beaver dams on the Salinas River were all washed away. Their lodge, their dams are all gone. Which means, it's a super exciting time to come out and see the beavers. What are they up to now? Where will they rebuild their dams? Have they already started? What does the area look like before the dams are built? We will all get to witness the beginnings of beaver habitat. Once the beavers start building, we will return again and again over the year to watch the area grow and develop into a lush wetland. It is going to be an exciting year to witness this creation of a beaver wetland from the very beginning. Join us in finding out if they've begun building, signs of their current activities, and what they are up to right now.

The walk is a half-mile walk out to the ponds on sandy, rocky trails. It is helpful to wear water shoes or tall boots since we typically walk into the water up to our shins. Bring a hat, water, snacks, sunscreen, binoculars.

Restrooms are not available. There is no water or restroom facilities at the site. Home Depot and Starbucks are the closest restroom facilities.

ADA Accessible: No

Registration and RSVP to confirmation Required!

Experience Level: All Levels Welcome

Registration will open on the morning of APR 27th. On that date, the LINK to the Field Trip’s Registration Form will ONLY be sent out via MCAS ALERT and SLOCOBIRDING. If you are not already a member of these email lists, you can join MCAS ALERT via JOIN MCAS ALERT EMAIL LIST in the Footer of the MCAS website and/or SLOCOBIRDING via

Contact: Freddy Howell