Habitat and Wildlife Protection - You can help!

Looking South over Estero Beach to Morro Rock [photo by Dave Tyra]

[MCAS email sent to State Senator John Laird and State Representative Dawn Addis.] 

June 13, 2024 


My name is David Tyra, and I am the Conservation Chair of Morro Coast Audubon Society. On behalf of MCAS and its 1,000 plus members, I’m writing to ask that you protect and preserve funding for the Habitat Conservation Fund. Please remove the current section in the State Budget Proposal that would revert the funding, and reject any efforts to eliminate its annual allocation. 


The Habitat Conservation Fund has been the most useful and reliable source of funding for vital conservation and restoration projects for more than three decades. Hundreds of important projects protecting everything from countless bird species like, Western Burrowing Owls and Western Bluebirds to mountain lions to coasts, to wetlands have been supported – nearly a million acres in all. In addition, the Fund is one of the few reliable and ongoing funding sources for the state’s Climate Plan and 30x30 Initiative. 


The birds, wildlife, and people of California rely on our diverse habitats and our conservation efforts. Please save this successful program to protect the future of wildlife and communities.



Dave Tyra

MCAS Conservation Chair




CA Audubon Alert, Support Habitat Protection: https://act.audubon.org/a/tell-ca-senate-and-assembly-we-need-habitat-and-wildlife-protection