Planned Giving

What is meant by "planned giving"? A gift is "planned" to the extent that the donor purposefully integrates a charitable gift into the donor’s overall financial, tax, and estate planning. Planned giving is not just for end of life gifts; it is any gift that requires assistance from professional advisors on the part of the donor or the not-for-profit. Planned giving can provide a means to support the donor’s favored organizations or programs while possibly providing the donor’s estate a more favorable financial picture.  

How will the gifts be used? Unrestricted gifts will be placed in a "quasi-endowment" fund, which will be invested with the interest and/or only a portion of the fund used for chapter needs. This will enable the chapter to build endowment funds and ensure donors that their gifts will receive a kind of immortality. MCAS donors may choose between two quasi-endowment funds at this time: the MCAS SWEET SPRINGS FUND (for Sweet Springs Nature Preserve needs) or the MCAS GENERAL FUND (for education, programs, research, field trips, outreach, and other needs). 

Contact your financial advisor or attorney to determine which planned giving option would be best for you.