Here are a couple updates about what is being done.  More updates to come.

Some of the areas where the construction contractor is working were habitat for the federally endangered Morro shoulderband snail.  Qualified, specifically permitted biologists and assistants needed to survey these areas for shoulderband snails.  When live snails were found, they were carefully relocated to safe areas that wouldn't be disturbed by construction activities.  The project needed a special permit from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to allow relocation of the snails.

The viewing platform and bird blind were designed to provide visitors an opportunity to view the bay and wildlife.  The vertical blind (a partial wall) is intended to hide the human form.  Together with visitors using quiet voices, this should result in less disturbance to birds and better viewing.  The blind has openings at different levels to accommodate people of various heights.  The decomposed granite pathway, boardwalk and viewing platform were designed and are being constructed to meet Americans with Disabilities Act requirements

You can donate to this project at 2017 Sweet Springs Support Drive.  Donations of any size are greatly apprecieated!