Elfin Forest Big Sit--COMING SOON!

This year’s annual Elfin Forest Big Sit will take place on Sunday, October 14th. For those who have not participated, we will make a list of all the birds we see and hear in one day from one spot - the overlook of Morro Bay known as "Bush Lupine Point". From this vantage point we will be able to see the coastal scrub of the Elfin Forest, the Morro Bay Estuary, the nearby hills and the edge of residential Los Osos. We have tallied as many as 122 species in one day from this one spot. Most years we spot 100 or more species. It’s a beautiful location with an incredible view. The birding changes as the tide goes in and out and the day warms up. (The long-term prediction is for clear skies and highs in the low- to mid-70s). It is an opportunity to meet many of the local birders and to share food and drink as the day progresses. We will also compete against other Big Sits going on across the country and in foreign countries on the same weekend. See  https://www.birdwatchersdigest.com/bwdsite/connect/bigsit.php for more info on the Big Sit.

Before the count, I need to know who is willing to help so that I can make sure we have coverage from early morning till sunset. Please let me know if you can help spot birds on this Big Sit and when you are able to help. I will try to assign one or two hour shifts for spotters so that at least two birders are present over the whole day. Birders who are unable to commit to a time can come at any time. Anyone who wants to come out and see how things are going is welcome after 9 am. Any and all snacks are welcome for the counters and others present. Please let me know when you can count by Tuesday October 9th, so I can start to make a schedule for the count. Thanks to all who are able to help. It is a good time and place for some relaxing birding from a scenic location. I will give directions to the count site before the count.

There will also be a field trip on the day before the count which will be for less experienced birders and to pre-field the location before the count. It is in no way required for counters. This trip will meet at the bay (north) end of 15th Street at 8:30 am and will be for about 3 hours. Be prepared for leisurely waking in sand, and dress in layers as it can be cool or warm. We will walk about a half mile. We can make accommodations for wheel chair participants. Let me know if you are in a wheel chair and we can meet you on the board walk. We typically see about 60 species on this morning field trip.

Good Sitting,

Jim Royer
Los Osos