Osprey #63 Sighted in Southern California

Last year there were several sightings of an OSPREY with leg band #63. Originally banded, on 4/23/2018, in Orange county near Newport Beach, it went north and was sighted in several locations in San Luis Obispo County.

First seen on 7/9/2018 at Oso Flaco Lake, it was later seen at Oceano Campground, Pismo Creek Mouth, Marina Spit (across from MB State Park Campground), Morro Bay Marina and, lastly, back at Oso Flaco Lake on 9/28/2018. (See details at https://www.morrocoastaudubon.org/2018/10/osprey-63-photo-taken-by-beth-sargent.html#.)

On 10/4/2018 #63 was sighted again in the southland at Crystal Cove State Park in Orange County.

Recently MCAS received a photograph, taken by Eli Shapira, of #63. The photo was taken at Strand Beach in Dana Point, CA (south of Crystal Cove), on Wednesday, March 13th, 2019.

Eli's story of #63 continues... he has been around here for almost 6 months. He has a daily routine: catches a fish in late afternoon then sits on that post to eat it until about sunset. The post is about 100' away from the water and 35' high.

The question is: will #63 come back north?

Keep your eyes open and camera ready!