Oso Flaco Lake Needs Your voice!

All Hands On Deck: Oso Flaco Lake Needs Your voice!
Deadline for Public Comments Extended to March 19, 2019

Oso Flaco Lake is one of the premier birding hotspots in San Luis Obispo County. Nearly 300 species of birds use the Oso Flaco Lake Natural Area (OFLNA): as a critical resting and feeding area for migrants stopping over, breeding habitat, or wintering ground.

The Federally Endangered Least Terns nest on the ocean side of the dunes and feed their young along the boardwalk (photo above) that was built by the Nature Conservancy as an environmentally sensitive way to provide public access to this unique area without compromising critical bird habitat.

This peaceful, quiet environment is threatened by a proposed major development by the California State Parks State Vehicle Recreation Area (SVRA). This project, on 120 acres of prime agricultural land immediately adjacent to the present parking and lake entry, would add:

1) a 225-site campground for both RVs and tents;
2) a staging area for 100-250 off-road-vehicles;
3) a flat race track;
4) a kids' practice track and riding area;
5) a new southern entrance to the SVRA.

An overview of the plan and detailed maps of Oso Flaco Lake
(pgs 11-12) can be found in: INFORMATION PACKET (by State Parks)

Oso Flaco Plan - Concept 2 of 2 (see INFORMATION PACKET for legend)

What YOU can do!
  1. FILL out a COMMENT form at https://oceanodunespwp.com/en/comment-card (This comment form forces you to choose between 2 bad options, but you may make clear in the write-in boxes that you support "No Project" or words of your choice.) 
  2. In addition to the comment card, also email your comments directly to State Parks at  info@OceanoDunesPWP.com. 
  3. Write letters to the editor of your local newspaper.
  4. Sign up to receive project updates: https://oceanodunespwp.com/en.
  5. Coastal Commission Contact: Kevin.Kahn@coastal.ca.gov.