Returning to our beaches...

Snowy Plovers blend with beach sand and rocks
Social distancing is not just important for people—it’s important that we keep our distance from nesting birds too, as California’s beaches begin to reopen. If you go to the beach or a coastal island, please help us protect birds by avoiding their nesting areas. Signs or people usually alert you to these areas, but many posting and fencing efforts are delayed this season due to COVID-19.

Snowy Plover with downy young

Audubon California’s 10 Steps to Protect Snowy Plover Chicks at the Beach

We’re not the only ones who need social distancing this spring and summer. Snowy Plovers, Killdeer, and Least Tern are easily scared off their nests and away from chicks by humans and dogs. Please maintain your distance from beach-nesting birds!

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