San Luis Obispo Mega Rarity brings birders from near and far!

Photos by Herb Elliot

A “celebrity bird,” called a Golden-winged Warbler, has recently visited Meadow Park in San Luis Obispo. What makes a mega rarity is usually the fact that it occurs in an area where it is completely unexpected. Such is the case with this beautiful male Golden-winged Warbler. This bird breeds in eastern United States and winters in Central America and northern South America (range map below). Local birders, and some visiting from throughout California, were delighted to see this beautiful bird at Meadow Park.

UPDATED: The two prior county records were at Arroyo Grande in 1994 and at the Islay Creek Campground, Montana de Oro State Park, in 2006.

And, here's the happy group on October 6th, 2021.

Photo by Joanne Aasen

The range map below for the Golden-winged Warbler was taken from (a subscription website of The Cornell Lab of Ornithology). Non-subscription website is