Five Fledgling Barn Owls

Five Fledgling Barn Owls [photo by Paul Andreano]

These five fledgling Barn Owls are currently in the barn of Kelly Vandenheuvel in Cayucos.  They will soon be off on their own, and will need to survive in the real world. Sadly, a large percentage of raptors do not survive their first year for various reasons. One of the main ones is rodenticides.  People use poisons to kill rodents, and inadvertently end up killing our Raptors, who eat the rodents that have been poisoned. There is no need for us to use poisons, ever. These five barn owls are an army of rodent hunters getting ready to do their job. One Barn Owl can eat 10 to 15 mice per day! Please allow nature to take care of our environment, and do the work for us. Please do not use rodenticides. 

Story is courtesy of Kelly Vandenheuvel, Pacific Wildlife Care (PWC) Volunteer and Homecare specialist.


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