MCAS Field Trip - SEP 21 - In Search of Owls

Short-eared Owl [photo by Don Quintana] 


Morro Coast Audubon Society Presents 

FIELD TRIP:       In Search of Owls 

DATE:                  Thursday, September 21, 2023 

TIME:                   6:00PM-9:00PM 

LEADER:            Rouvaishyana

CO-LEADER:     Peggy Burhenn

Trip is limited to 12 participants - Signups will be taken for 24 hours. Participants will be randomly selected. The remainder will be put on standby status in case of cancellations. Only registered people may attend.

Description: We will look for Short-eared Owl, along Turri Rd., various species at Irish Hills, listen for Western Screech-Owl at Laguna Lake, Barn Owl at Cuesta College, Great Horned Owl and Barn Owl on Pennington Creek Rd., with an optional stop at Los Osos Middle School before returning. Participants should plan to have dinner beforehand or bring snacks. We hope to hear owls; spotting one will be a bonus.

We will listen at the vehicles or take short walks. Turri Rd. to Chumash Trail, some up and down. Irish Hills, gravel road, near-level. Cuesta College, grass/loose leaf litter, level. Total walking distance less than 1 mile.

Note: both co-leaders speak Spanish, and will be ready to discuss owls in Spanish if there are Spanish-speaking participants. Se habla espaƱol.

ADA Accessible: Parking areas where we plan to go are accessible, and participants could experience part of our planned program. Trail at Turri Rd. and walking route at Cuesta College are not ADA accessible.

Experience Level: All Levels Welcome

Registration and RSVP to confirmation Required!

Registration will open on the morning of SEPT 6th.  On that date, the LINK to the Field Trip’s Registration Form will ONLY be sent out via MCAS ALERT and SLOCOBIRDING. If you are not already a member of these email lists, you can join MCAS ALERT via JOIN MCAS ALERT EMAIL LIST in the Footer of the MCAS website and/or SLOCOBIRDING via

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