MCAS Field Trip Report - AUG 28 - Cloisters to the Strand

Cloisters to the Strand-Monday, August 28, 2023 

Western Snowy Plover [photo by Ben Kolstad] 
We couldn’t have asked for better weather; Sunny, low wind and mild temps. A band of 10 birders, led by Karen Watts, Robbie Revel and Freddy Howell, set out to see what returning shorebirds were on the Strand. In our travels, we saw a couple of snowy plovers (SNPL), always a treat. We also saw and chatted with Allison, the State Parks Plover Monitor, learning that there were lower numbers this year, but there was a flock that she was following. We parted and walked north on the beach. Someone noticed a couple more SNPL. As everyone started scanning the wrack field, the count grew and grew until we got to 52!! We saw Allison again and told her we had found the flock! We also waved away a couple of men who were walking straight towards them. They weren’t sure what we were trying to tell them until one of them looked through offered binoculars. He was quite thrilled with the sight of so many SNPL skittering about. Share your binoculars!
Banded Western Snowy Plover [photo by Ben Kolstad] 

Submitted by Freddy Howell