MCAS Field Trip - OCT 14 - Star Party at Santa Rita Ranch

Lake in Santa Rita Ranch [photo by Judy Neuhauser]


Morro Coast Audubon Society Presents

FIELD TRIP:       Star Party at Santa Rita Ranch

DATE:                  Saturday, October 14, 2023

TIME:                   7:00pm to 9:00pm

LEADER:            Tom Hollis

CO-LEADER:     Judy Neuhauser

Trip is limited to 15 participants - Signups will be taken for 24 hours. Participants will be randomly selected. The remainder will be put on standby status in case of cancellations. Only registered people may attend.

DESCRIPTION: The star party begins at sunset. We will watch as the sky darkens and planets and stars become visible according to their brightness. We will view Saturn and Jupiter and the constellations associated with the October sky. There will be telescope(s) for the viewing of dark sky objects (clusters, double stars…).  

The star party will start at 7:00pm and will conclude at 9:00pm. Because the arrival and departure of vehicles (with headlights on) will impact star-party participant’s night vision, it is requested that you are there no later than 7:00pm and stay the entire 2 hours. We will be stationed in one location on the ranch for best viewing.

October 14, 2023 offers a bonus astronomical event; an eclipse of the Sun. In San Luis Obispo County, 70% of the Sun will be covered by the Moon. This event starts in our area at 8:06 am and ends at 10:45 am. Maximum coverage will be at 9:22 am. For a real treat, get out your kitchen colander during the eclipse, let the sunlight shine through the holes, and see numerous little eclipsed suns.

Restrooms are available. Rain cancels. 

ADA Accessible: No

Experience Level: Beginner

Registration and RSVP to confirmation Required! 

Registration will open on the morning of SEPT 29th. On that date, the LINK to the Field Trip’s Registration Form will ONLY be sent out via MCAS ALERT and SLOCOBIRDING. If you are not already a member of these email lists, you can join MCAS ALERT via JOIN MCAS ALERT EMAIL LIST in the Footer of the MCAS website and/or SLOCOBIRDING via

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