MCAS Field Trip - MAR 19 - Habitat: Salt Marsh and Mud Flats at the Morro Bay Marina Peninsula Trail

Salt Marsh and Mud Flats [photo by Faylla Chapman]


Morro Coast Audubon Society Presents 

FIELD TRIP:       Habitat: Salt Marsh and Mud Flats at the Morro Bay Marina Peninsula Trail 

DATE:                  Tuesday, March 19, 2024 

TIME:                   1:00pm-3:00 pm 

LEADER:            Faylla Chapman 

Trip is limited to 12 participants - Signups will be taken for 24 hours. Participants will be randomly selected. The remainder will be put on standby status in case of cancellations. Only registered people may attend.


Back by popular demand…You may have been on the Marina Boardwalk and wondered about all the specialized plants that you see in the estuary. This is your chance to find out more about this unique environment. Join biologist Faylla Chapman to take an in-depth look at the salt marsh and mudflat habitats. You will learn how our estuary was formed, how it is constantly changing and how the native plants here are a resource for our migratory birds as well as humans and marine mammals.  

Terrain: salt marsh flats and boardwalk trail (flat)

Distance: about 1 mile RT

ADA Accessible: Boardwalk-Yes, Salt Marsh-No (but accommodations made)

Experience Level: All are Welcome

Registration and RSVP to confirmation Required! 

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