Join MCAS for our Inaugural Community Engagement Class

Super Bloom at Carrizo Plain

Birds & Blooms: An Introduction to Birds, Plants, and Natural History of Carrizo Plain

Embark on an exciting journey of environmental discovery with Morro Coast Audubon's brand-new Community Engagement Class series. This series is designed to create accessible environmental education opportunities in our community, increase community awareness of the natural world, and connect community members with local nature experts. The proceeds of these courses will directly support our environmental education programs in schools across the Central Coast. Our debut offering, "Birds & Blooms: An Introduction to Birds, Plants, and Natural History of Carrizo Plain," is your chance to immerse yourself in the vibrant birdlife, stunning wildflowers, and fascinating natural history of Carrizo Plain.

Led by expert instructors, this immersive experience begins with two engaging Zoom sessions on April 2nd and 6th, followed by an unforgettable full-day adventure to Carrizo Plain National Monument on either April 10th or 13th. We’ll wrap the course up with a final 
Zoom meeting April 15th to understand how our research can be applied using community science platforms. You'll learn from experts about bird migration, spectacular blooms, geological wonders, community science, and much more, all against the breathtaking backdrop of a Carrizo Plain Spring bloom.

Registration opens March 13th! And keep an eye out for our upcoming classes, including an introduction to Community Science, Beginner Birding, Intermediate and Advanced Bird ID, and the Natural History of the Central Coast. Join us as we deepen our connection with the environment and support vital educational initiatives.

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