Brown Pelicans Are in Trouble

Brown Pelican in Morro Bay Harbor [photo by Joanne Aasen]  

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Since April 20th, Pacific Wildlife Care (PWC) has seen a significant increase in Brown Pelican patients arriving at our animal care center. These majestic birds are arriving emaciated and dehydrated, with distressing reports of sick and displaced brown pelicans being discovered all over San Luis Obispo County.
Our dedicated team at PWC is working tirelessly alongside California Fish and Game and neighboring Wildlife Care Centers in Monterey and Santa Barbara to monitor this concerning situation. While it's too early to pinpoint the exact cause of their distress, rest assured that we are committed to keeping the public informed as we gather more information.
If you encounter a pelican in distress or any animal needing help, please don't hesitate to call our Wildlife Hotline at (805) 543-9453. Our trained Hotline and Rescue Transport Volunteers are available 365 days a year to provide assistance.
If a pelican exhibits neurological signs such as falling over or seizing, please refrain from handling the animal directly. Instead, call PWC immediately and wait for assistance. Remember, animals should never be touched with bare hands.


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