MCAS Nature Journaling Classes - May 25, June 1, June 8

Nature Journaling Class:

Learn how to nature journal in our newest Active Community Engagement (ACE) Class!

Nature Journaling is a wonderful way to connect with and learn from the environment around you. Join Morro Coast Audubon for any of three Nature Journaling courses focused on birds, botany, and natural history. We’ll go over the basics of nature journaling with nature journaling expert Mary Sturm and learn how to apply those skills to your nature journal. Then, we’ll cover background information on the fauna, flora, and natural history that surround you with an MCAS expert on birds, botany, or natural history.

What & Where
Three classes to choose from: 
Birds at Sweet Springs
Botany at Froom Ranch
Natural History at White's Point

May 25th (Sweet Springs)
June 1st (Froom Ranch)
June 8th (White's Point)

Click this link to register and claim your spot, or apply for a scholarship! MCAS is passionate about providing accessible outdoors education for all, and we encourage those with demonstrated financial need to apply for scholarships.