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Forms and Checklists

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Printable descriptions of Morro Bay CBC sectors and what species to look for once you're there.
You can also use the online "clickable" Morro Bay CBC Sector Map.


UPDATE: This is the latest checklist and is dated 10-1-2022. Please DO NOT USE any printed checklists from an earlier date.

PRINTING: Print page 1 of Count Checklist, turn the paper over to print page 2, then fold into a trifold, or select "Print Two-Sided/Flip on Short Edge" if your printer has that capability.

eBird: Instead of filling out a paper checklist, you may use the eBird app on your mobile device to record your sightings in the field. Please refer to this link for information on eBird best practices for the CBC. “Share” all of your Count Day eBird lists directly with us at via the eBird website or mobile app. Important! In the “Checklist Comments” please include 1) the Sector Number, 2) all observer names, and 3) any hours and miles spent car birding, boat birding, or owling.

Print this form to use for any bird reported that is not on the Count Checklist, or for Count Checklist birds that are marked with an asterisk.

This is a heads-up list of some rare or uncommon birds that have been seen recently and during previous years within the count circle.
SUGGESTION: Print above and take with you on count day.

eBird's Counting 102--birds at feeders An article with tips for counting birds at your home feeders. May be useful to those counting their home feeders during the CBC.


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Google Earth MCAS CBC circle map with sector descriptions (.kml)
Garmin MCAS CBC circle map with sector descriptions for your GPS unit (.gpx)

Smartphone Apps

(The following apps are not necessarily endorsed by MCAS.)

Count Circle ($2.99) - CBC mapping app

Find Count Circles across the United States, Canada, and beyond.

Count Circles are NOT divided into sectors, BUT your present location is indicated by a BLUE DOT so you can tell if you are still within the count circle (assuming you are GPS connected).

Download and open app, then select Lookup ➜ California and scroll down to find and click on Morro Bay (CAMR) or Carrizo Plain (CACP).

iPhone, iPad, iPod touch - (iTunes)
Android - (Google Play)

Audubon Birds (FREE!) -

Has eBird integration and field guides.

iPhone, iPad, iPod touch - (iTunes)
Android - (Google Play)