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Students, on a field trip, watching a California Scrub-Jay
Students, on birding field trip, watching a California Scrub-Jay

Birds in Your Neighborhood: Back to School
Birds in Your Neighborhood classroom presentations brings birding to classrooms and organizations. We are seeking individuals, both beginning and expert birders, to visit classrooms getting elementary age students excited about the natural world around them through birds! The presentation is aimed towards elementary age students, and is packed with information, photos, and audio. In the final weeks of school last year, we reached nearly 500 students!

We would love to visit your classroom or organization! Are you interested in learning more, or feeling inspired to participate? Please contact Kaaren Perry at

A Healthy Sea Begins With Me
Marine debris signs are being installed!
These signs may begin to look very familiar, as we started installation of the signs at Spooner's Cove in Montana de Oro in September, and they have been making their debut along coastal pathways in Morro Bay.
Unfamiliar with A Healthy Sea Begins With Me?  Read on for some history of the project.

Artwork used in the production of the marine debris signs were chosen from our A Healthy Sea Begins With Me art project that took place last winter. Presentations to hundreds of local students allowed us to bring awareness to the cause, effects, and solutions surrounding marine debris. As a result of the presentations, dozens of artworks was submitted. Twelve selections illustrating important messages were selected to represent the effort. With funding provided by the Morro Bay National Estuary's Community Grant Program, we were able to produce 200 durable weatherproof signs that will be displayed along central coast beaches reminding our locals, visitors, and fisherman that our actions matter.

student drawing of a Bullock's OrioleWe want to recognize the following schools, students and partners for their support and participation:
  • Cayucos Middle School: Julia C. and Isabel M.
  • San Gabriel Elementary School, Atascadero: Kya O.
  • Montessori Children's School of San Luis Obispo: Sienna P., Jack D., Sara E., Sophia S., Willem V., Nyah L., Nicholas L., Liliana M., and Calianna F.
  • Virginia Peterson Elementary School, Paso Robles
  • Morro Bay National Estuary, Community Grant Program
  • City of Morro Bay
  • California State Parks