MCAS Teen Scholarship

Participants — American Birding Association (ABA) Camp Colorado
How It Started...
The startup donation for this scholarship was generated by Blythe and Fianna Wilde, two young birders. They decided to do a Big Day, a 24-hour bird-searching extravaganza. They asked friends and family to pledge 25¢ or more per species. At the end of the day, with a total of 129 species, they had raised $1,000. This became the seed money for the MCAS Teen Scholarship [formerly MCAS Youth Scholarship].
Donations, of any amount, to this scholarship fund are greatly appreciated and all donations are tax deductible.

Thank You!
Fianna and Blythe Wilde
with Kaaren Perry, Education Chair
What is Camp Colorado?
ABA's Camp Colorado provides a chance for campers to explore Colorado from grassland to glaciers. From the shortgrass prairie of northeastern Colorado to the aspen groves and alpine tundra of Rocky Mountain National Park, Camp Colorado has it all!

The camp is based out of the YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park, bordering the majestic Rocky Mountain National Park.

Campers will have plenty of opportunities to take their birding skills to the next level, meet other young people with similar interests, explore careers in birding and ornithology, and of course, learn about the bird life and natural history of Colorado.

Teen Scholarship Winners: 

2021: Morro Coast Audubon Society was delighted to award the first ever MCAS Teen Scholarships for attending the American Birding Association's Young Birders Camp Colorado in July of 2021. Our congratulations went out to Owen Slater and Max Taylor; two outstanding and dedicated young birders that we felt certain would enjoy and benefit from this opportunity. Read Max's report of his experience at Camp Colorado. 

2022: Another outstanding and dedicated young birder, Andy Beene, was able to attend Camp Colorado in July of 2022. Read Andy's report of his experience at Camp Colorado.

Who's Next?
MCAS encourages community members to let us know if they have knowledge of a 13-17 year old youth who would benefit from this summer camp. Read the above reports to understand why we think this is such a wonderful opportunity.

What the MCAS Teen Scholarship Covers...
This scholarship is offered annually for up to two young applicants who have already begun developing their birding skills. Scholarships awarded will cover all registration costs for recipient to attend the American Birding Association's (ABA) Camp Colorado. Plus a travel allowance (up to $400) and membership in both ABA ($25) and MCAS ($20).

Eligible Applicants are:
  • 13-17 years of age (as of March 1st of camp year)
  • Residents of San Luis Obispo County
  • Available July 15-22, 2023 to attend American Birding Association's Camp Colorado
How to Apply
NOTE: Prior to completing the Online Application we suggest that you download, print, and fill out this Application Worksheet.
BEFORE March 1st applicants need to:
White Tailed Ptarmigan
Rocky Mountain National Park, CO
by Jennie Duberstein
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