Sector 33

The following is a listing of key locations within this sector that may be the most productive based on past experience. Also noted are species that are hard to find within the count circle and are possible within the habitat of this sector. Please don't limit census to just the areas mentioned, but consider them the most important. Cover as much of the sector as your time and energy allows. Remember, if your party splits or moves to another sector, please begin a new field card. Any constructive comments about this sector would be appreciated (e.g., too big or small, access problem, additional key locations). Please note actual areas covered. Also note contacts for entrance onto private property.

Hazard Canyon

Check the coastal scrub habitat. Check Hazard Canyon for mixed flocks and be alert for Pacific Wren in willow understory. Watch and listen for sapsuckers in eucalyptus. On beach look for rocky shorebirds including Spotted Sandpiper, Wandering Tattler, Surfbird, Ruddy Turnstone, and possibly Rock Sandpiper.

Scope offshore for pelagic species including shearwaters, gulls, terns, jaegers, and alcids.

Sandy shoreline - Check near shore for mixed scoter flocks. Be alert for Harlequin Duck, Long-tailed Duck, and Black and White-winged scoters.

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