Sector 38

The following is a listing of key locations within this sector that may be the most productive based on past experience. Also noted are species that are hard to find within the count circle and are possible within the habitat of this sector. Please don't limit census to just the areas mentioned, but consider them the most important. Cover as much of the sector as your time and energy allows. Remember, if your party splits or moves to another sector, please begin a new field card. Any constructive comments about this sector would be appreciated (e.g., too big or small, access problem, additional key locations). Please note actual areas covered. Also note contacts for entrance onto private property.

West Turri Road

Most of area, except south of Turri Road, is State Park Property. Walk or mountain bike the area. Park in lot below old rock quarry and walk into hills. Watch and listen for Canyon Wren and White-throated Swift as they roost in crevices here. Be alert for sparrows here and in rest of sector. Shrubby areas on grassy hillsides have traditionally had Short-eared Owls, which are kicked up by walking area, or check for flying birds at dawn or dusk. Costa's Hummingbird has wintered in this sector.

Turri Road - Check slough and tidal ponds along the road for shorebirds and willows for unusual species in mixed flocks. Be alert for Swamp Sparrow. Black Rail was previously found in marsh along Los Osos Creek east of South Bay Blvd.

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