MCAS Virtual Community Program - APR 20th - Estuaries-California's Marine Nurseries

Andrea Jones
MCAS April Community Program
Estuaries, California's Marine Nurseries

Presented by Andrea Jones, Director of Bird Conservation, Audubon California

Monday, April 20th, 7PM via Zoom Videoconference

Something special happens when a river meets an ocean. Freshwater rivers and streams flow from inland to mix with salty ocean water, creating a unique habitat called an estuary. Estuaries, and the wetlands and bays that surround them, are some of the most productive areas in the world for birds, other wildlife, and humans. The coasts and estuaries of the Pacific Flyway-the migratory bird highway stretching from the Arctic to Patagonia-support nearly a billion birds.

Since we are temporarily unable to meet in person, MCAS is going to try something new. Use the Zoom videoconference link below to hear Andrea Jones, Director of Bird Conservation for Audubon California, speak about estuaries and their importance to the Pacific Flyway.

You can join the Zoom videoconference on Monday, April 20th, at 7PM by going to or by downloading the Zoom app from and entering the Meeting ID: 667 714 307. Zoom is also available as an IOS or Android app for phone or tablet.

A short membership meeting will proceed the main presentation.