Dear Supporters...

Dear Supporters of the Morro Coast Audubon Society,

This is normally the time of year when we send out our annual letter asking for your support. These are not normal times. We know that many of you may be struggling economically. Therefore, we are postponing our annual support drive until later this summer. We urge you to treat your community with compassion and take care of your friends, neighbors, and those in the world with little means. Please know that we are still here as an integral part of our local community. 

Our Sweet Springs Nature Preserve continues to provide refuge for both birds and those of us seeking a peaceful sanctuary to stroll quietly in nature to nurture our spirits. The Audubon Overlook at 4th St continues to serve us all as a place of quiet contemplation. These are outstanding natural reserves where birds, plants, and other wildlife are treasured, and that we gladly share with the community. When using these locations, please remember to practice social distancing.

Should you have the means to help replenish our coffers at this time, we welcome any and all donations.

Thank you.

Judy Neuhauser
President, Morro Coast Audubon Society