Video of MAR 20th Community Program - A Virtual Tour of Pacific Wildlife Care

Orphaned Western Kingbirds [photo courtesy of PWC]

Now available for viewing on MCAS YouTube Channel

Title: A Virtual Tour of Pacific Wildlife Care
Presenter: Claudia Duckworth, Pacific Wildlife Care Volunteer

Date: Monday, March 20, 2023, 7:00 pm


Pacific Wildlife Care (PWC) is San Luis Obispo County’s only licensed rehabilitation center that cares for injured birds, mammals, and reptiles. PWC also maintains a wildlife hotline that the public can call to report distressed wildlife–injured, sick, orphaned–and to receive information about local wildlife. In this presentation, longtime PWC volunteer Claudia Duckworth will show us what is happening behind the scenes at the rehab center, and will explain how the animals received by the center are treated, cared for, and rehabilitated.


Claudia Duckworth has been a volunteer with PWC for about 30 years and has served in multiple capacities including answering the phone hotline, working in rescue/transport, participating in the “baby bird” program, and serving on the Board. She currently volunteers at the center and is a leader of the creance team (creance is used as a method of pre-release conditioning for raptors). Claudia also houses and does programs with Corax, the PWC Education Common Raven.